About Us

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Jingle Cave, with its team of producers, composers, and arrangers of Turkey and the world's leading professionals, provides global music production services to national and international brands and institutions with its state-of-the-art studio equipment.

We are a music production and production company that can offer 360 degrees Jingle, Advertisement and Brand Jingle and sound logos, TV Series Music, Cinema and Documentary Soundtracks, Artist Album Production, Radio Teasers, and songwriting services.

With nearly 20 years of experience, we have completed 45 TV series soundtracks, 12 feature films, hundreds of Jingle music productions, and music post-production services.

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Uğur Akyürek, Music Producer, Composer, Co-Founder

Uğur Akyürek started playing the mandolin at 6 and began his musical life. At age 10, he started his classical music education by winning the violin department of the conservatory.

In 2002, the Istanbul University State Conservatory school orchestra was awarded the "Young Orchestra of the Year Award" and participated in the Beethovenfest held in Germany. In addition, he worked with world-renowned chefs such as Krzysztof Penderecki, Helmut Rilling, and Peter Gulke.

  • 2006 YoungEuroFest ( Berlin )
  • Istanbul University State Conservatory (violin)
  • Anadolu University (Philosophy)
  • Berklee College Of Music (Logic & Instructor)
  • Certificate of Logic, Film Music Scoring
  • Certificate of Electronic Music Production
  • Certificate of Mixing & Mastering

He is the composer and producer of jingles, documentaries, TV series, and movie soundtracks of dozens of national and international projects.

By establishing JINGLE CAVE Music and Jingle Production Company in 2021, he continues to work as a music producer, arranger, composer, and artist.


Alp Zey, Executive Producer / Co-Founder

Musician and performer Alp Zey, an Environmental Engineer, born in Adana, had his first passionate relationship with music before his middle school years. While continuing his university education, Alp Zey strengthened his ties with art and took the stage with various groups. He also drew cartoons for various magazines and newspapers.

Alp Zey founded his first rock band in 2000. After performing in many venues, first in Adana and then in Istanbul, he was on stage in many different events.

Alp Zey released his first album, "Forget Everything" in February 2011, in which all the lyrics and music belonged to him. The pop-rock album, consisting of 10 songs, was greatly interested by music lovers.

Alp Zey, who established an advertising agency called “Crena Works” in 2011 with an entrepreneurial spirit, accomplished very successful works in a short time in the advertising and communication world he was immersed in. Today, "CrenaWorks," which serves many valuable brands in the national and international arena, has become one of Turkey's most popular and well-known advertising agencies.

In connection with this field, Alp Zey continues to work in many areas such as advertising and TV series scriptwriting, film production, digital communication, and brand consultancy.

Until today, he sang generic music, composed and interpreted jingles in the well-known television series (Arka Sıradakiler, Öğretmen Kemal, Papatyam, Aşk Yeniden, Güneşin Kızları). Alp Zey, who founded the Jingle music production partner company in 2015, established JINGLE CAVE Music and Jingle Production Production production company in 2021, making substantial progress in national and international projects in the TV, TV series, and advertising industry.


Dilşah Niğdeli

Dilşah was born in 1998.

She works as an art director for national and international brands. Areas of expertise; motion designer, art direction, VFX, editing, and directing.

She has also achieved outstanding success by working with many famous artists and institutions as a video and music executive producer in the advertising and clip industry.

Dilşah, who manages the entire music and video post-production team of JingleCave, is also the music executive assistant of JingleCave.


Erman Mete

Born in Ankara in 1988, Erman Mete started with the piano during his Lisa years.

He participated in lyric, music, composition, and arrangement projects with Turkey's leading artists.

He has been working as a Music Producer, Arranger, and Pianist at Erman Mete JingleCave, which has worked as an arranger for TSM, alternative music, TV series, and commercial music for about 15 years.